My new Craft Paper Punches!


Craft paper punches

So, this Saturday I went to a store to buy some food for my lunch, but when I was passing through the corridors I saw something that caught my eye…something colorful…with hearts!

A beautiful set of craft paper punches were there smiling at me! Of course, I had to bring them home.

I was trying to buy some punchers for a long time, but they are hard to find here, so when I saw it, I was so happy!

With these gorgeous craft paper punches you can:

  • Print hearts (or bears!) in jeans or other clothes (I want to make these jeans)
  • Make beautiful cards!
  • Decorate your notebooks (oh I’ll make some hearts on mine!)
  • Embellish house stuff, like place mats and jars!

Craft paper punches

The possibilities are endless; you just need to be creative! For a person that can’t draw, even simple shapes, like me this is just perfect!

The craft paper punches are really sturdy and I’m really happy with this purchase!

Craft paper punches


Any ideas?

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