Learning to sew – Idea nº 1

No tutorials for me – The first great idea!

Tutorials are a great way to learn how to sew; you can see how things are made and you can reproduce that.

This is great, unless you are a lazy person like me. When I see tutorials I tend not to think, I only read and reproduce, not thinking about the process. This can lead to a numerous mistakes. I’ve spend hours undoing things because I didn’t read the tutorial properly and I didn’t think. I’ve made a wallet, a beautiful one by the way, but the cards holders…were in the wrong side. Yes, for real! They were inside the wallet and were not visible after sewing.

This way I’m not learning properly, so I decided that for 2 months I’ll only make experiences by my own!

I’ll think of stuff that I would like to make and I’ll do it! I know that it will lead to a lot of mistakes but I think that I will learn more this way.

I’ve already two projects in mind: Some place mats with various top stitches and a ruffle scarf with my beautiful cat’s fabric.

What do you think? How did you learn?



6 thoughts on “Learning to sew – Idea nº 1

  1. I think that sounds like fun! I am learning by all kinds of ways, books, internet, bloggers, trying out stuff and making it up, and am also taking a sewing class. So, I have covered ALL my bases, lol.

    • I’m also reading blogs and books but I feel that I need to make mistakes in order to truly understand why you should do things in a certain manner. I’ll post here my first experience by my own. Lets wait and see 🙂

  2. I learned through a mixture of ways, my mother is always on the other end of the phone for helpful advice, but I usually draw something on paper, make a paper version of it and then can make it from there using that as a template… I did this with Ragdoll clothes and after a few attempts it worked out quite well. It gives you so much more freedom! Good Luck!!

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